Ambiance is everything at a pub; you feel welcomed, cozy, and ready for a beer. We developed El Paso’s first Tilted Kilt with that feeling in mind. This was the first themed development we’ve ever done and it was a lot of fun to track down Irish-themed decor. The building itself is beautiful and spacious and in so being, provides a great venue for a good time. We know that a great dining experience starts with a great atmosphere. We know restaurants.


They say that beers taste better when in the presence of beautiful women, Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery® is definitely putting that to the test. We worked with corporate and our in house architect to come up with a brand new prototype for the brand to break into the Texas market. Building an Irish Pub was a first for us, but we are confident that we can take on any pub with this 7,500-square-foot building under our belt.

Tilted Kilt® Pub & Eatery

Visiting a Tilted Kilt® Pub & Eatery is a unique experience, Irish with a twist. You’ll never see someone at this pub without a smile on their face. Kilt Girls® are server/entertainers that make sure you’re having a fun time. The dynamic between Irish Sports Pub and an awesome staff is what makes Tilted Kilt® such a great investment. If you’re interested in bringing one to your home town, or possibly want to own the land to lease, give us a call. We can help.

  • Unique Theme
  • Cutting-Edge Prototypes
  • Expected Quality Delivered
  • Entertaining & Fun Brand


Do you like what you see?

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