For nearly a decade Prestige Development Group has been a preferred developer for IHOP® Restaurants. We know that a great dining experience starts with a great atmosphere. We know restaurants.


Bringing pancakes to a new market is so much more than that. When we develop an IHOP® Restaurant, we develop new jobs right along with it. Building a pancake house is building economic growth and stability in an area.

IHOP® Restaurants

Some of the most fun we’ve had as developers has been working with the IHOP® brand. It seems that no matter where we develop one, pancakes are always welcomed with open arms (and healthy appetites). The blue-roofed house of pancakes is an incredible investment from coast-to-coast. If you’re interested in bringing one to your home town, or possibly want to own the land to lease, give us a call. We can help.

Do you like what you see?

Contact us as a tenant, buyer, broker or pancaketeur today! We can build you, sell you, or lease you a brand new IHOP®.