3 Ways the Commercial Real Estate Can Go Green

If there’s one thing every global sector is interested in and focused on these days, it’s sustainability. The urgency to employ environmentally friendly practices has pushed the commercial real estate industry to develop ways to go green. Here are some ideas to get started.

Installing Green Roofs

Many commercial spaces employ the use of gardens and lawns to enhance their properties and attract more people to their business. However, garden roofs are a relatively new concept that can help make a property a lot more sustainable than it is.

Green gardens and roofs are installed either outside a building or above it. These gardens work by reducing a building’s heating and cooling costs and insulating it, allowing everyone to have access to fresh air at all times.

Employing the Use of LED Lights

One of the most popular methods for most businesses to go green with their properties is by employing the use of LED lighting. Fluorescent and incandescent lighting has always been known for significantly high electricity bills and usage of energy. Since most workspaces need good lighting at all times, many businesses are now investing in light-emitting diodes or LED bulbs.

These lights are long-lasting, affordable, and have the potential to save up to 75% of a commercial building’s total energy use. However, it’s always a better idea to design a commercial property in a way that it has maximum exposure to natural light whenever possible.

Incorporating Solar Designs

Another innovative way for commercial real estate to go green is by making the best use of the sun for its heating, cooling, lighting, and the property’s overall functionality. In other words, commercial property developers can now employ a solar design to ensure that the property uses the least amount of energy.

solar design involves using solar panels. While these panels are significantly costly, companies can save a lot of money from them in the long term. It’s critical to make educated decisions about the location and use of solar panels around a commercial building.

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